About us

We are a small family company, which for more than twenty years has been producing ladies' and men's clothing for the Bulgarian market place.


Our product line includes casual garments and is entirely oriented towards the man who keeps his individuality, style and quality to the smallest detail.


The garments we produce are mainly from high-quality natural materials with good performance.


Our patterns are adapted to the Bulgarian market.


The colors and designs of the manufactured our products comply with the latest fashion trends and we strive to put our own style in their final layout.


We are always open to comments and suggestions from our customers, and we accept criticism and strive to comply with them as far as possible.


Due to the dynamic market changes and demands of our customers, we decided to register a new brand "G-zone", in which we'll produce already and ladies line.


Our efforts are directed towards the creation of the garment which provide you maximum comfort and confidence.